Crystal Semantics

What is Crystal Semantics?

Crystal Semantics is the leading semantic advertising technology is used by advertisers and publishers to help to link advertising to relevant content. The technology is used to enhance the monetization of websites and leads to an enhanced user experience with the placement of quality ad campaigns alongside web content.

Why is Crystal Semantics visiting my website?

Crystal Semantics technology only accesses your content in order to categorize the individual page into one of its 3800+ semantic categories. The technology is non-invasive and respects the intellectual property rights of the publisher. It does not store or attempt to reproduce the content of the page. No personal identifiable information is stored by Crystal Semantics and no cookies are deployed by Crystal Semantics on your content pages for the purposes of identification.

Need further information?

Should you have any further questions relating to the Crystal Semantics technology, please contact Crystal Semantics Limited, 26 Red Lion Square, London W1R 4HQ United Kingdom or email

Since December 2013, Crystal Semantics is a member of the Xaxis family, part of WPP Group plc.

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